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Leverage the power of your web storefront technology and take full advantage of the PrintSites2Go system. These courses will train and certify you on the fundamentals and advanced applications for your storefront solution. Apply the concepts learned in these courses to create constant meaningful growth of your business.

Course Administrator

Brock Pagnello

Brock is the only PrintSites2Go Certification training instructor in Canada. Brock has been an integral part of deploying over 800 websites across Canada with PrintSites2Go. Brock has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. He has led programming teams for multinational companies in various industries before co-founding PrintSites2Go five years ago. Brock has an extensive knowledge of best practices that allow him to communicate at any technical level. Brock is able to simplify advanced concepts down to digestable talking points that make sense to everyday users. He challenges each student to improve their skills at any level.


Available Courses

1. Site Administration Best Practices

Become a certified Site Administrator and learn everything you need to know about operating and administering your web2print storefront. Learn how to set up your store settings and options, email notifications, language and currency settings, tax classes, coupons and other marketing modules. Set up your payments and shipping methods. Configure your turnaround levels, product markup and wholesale prices. Setup a livechat system to open new communication channels with your customers.

2. Advanced Costing & Profit Margin Management

Become a certified Cost Analyst. The printing industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Your prices need to be competitive enough to receive orders, but high enough to be profitable. Our course will show you how to find the right balance to increase sales volume and profitability. Learn to define basic margins, mark ups, and drill down option combinations for increased pricing control. Learn advanced techniques for fixed cost and percentage based pricing as well as proprietary system pricing formulas. We start with how to quickly define your basic margins. Then we drill down to the specific option combinations for increased pricing control. In the second half of the course, we cover the pros and cons of being a loss leader, and how to utilize this technique to increase your client base and sales volume. Then we show you how to make your profits on return sales and cross selling and upselling.

3. Web Sales and Marketing Management

Master the processes of building revenue streams with your PrintSites2Go web storefront solution and become a certified Web Sales and Marketing Specialist. Harness the ability to drive and convert web-generated business. The course will focus on all aspects of sales and marketing centric to the system. The course modules will include loyalty management campaigns, email marketing campaigns, coupon codes, landing pages, and conversion. This will cover form creation, reporting, and continuous improvement tools. There is a unit on Adwords and retargetting for shopping cart abandonment and repeat business. Becoming a certified Web Sales and Marketing Specialist is essential to growing and maximizing your investment in web storefront technology.

4. Analytics & Reporting Fundamentals

Become a certified Analytics Specialist. Analytics is a trending topic in today’s business landscape – “if you can’t measure it, it isn’t real.” Analytics is important, because it shows you what marketing efforts are effective, and which are not effective. Our Analytics and Reporting course teaches you how to get the best use of the reporting tools in your control panel. Learn how to set up your reporting to track: customers online, sales reports, page visits, products purchased vs seen, coupon and voucher use, and many other metrics. We will then use the feedback from the reporting to suggest areas of improvement for your site.

5. Accounting and Invoice Fundamentals

Become a certified Accounting Specialist. This course covers the fundamentals of accounting administration and integration for the PrintSites2Go web storefront. Course modules include: tax codes, currencies, creating customer lists, invoicing, statement & reports, credit card transactions, and exporting data. This course includes a project on setting up invoice automation in Quickbooks. Learn how to set up your invoices and export to your accounting and invoicing software.

6. Pre-press and File Submission Fundamentals

Become a certified Pre-Press Technician. This course covers everything you need to know about creating press-ready artwork. Learn how to automate communication between a database application, submitted files and your pre-press workflow. Standardize web-based pdf file submission and automate pre-flighting, combined files and imposition. We cover all the fundamentals of setting up bleeds, CMYK vs RGB colourspace, converting text to outline. This course includes a unit on print automation and automation for combined-run printing.

7. Third Party Interconnectivity & MIS Integration

Become a certified Integration Specialist. APIs allow you to connect one information system to another. Why is this so important? Your ecommerce site is just one part of the complete technology stack used to run your business. What if your ecommerce site could talk with your accouting software, CRM, or print management system? In today’s environment of API abundance, your ecommerce site can talk to virtually any other technology system. Learn how to connect payment gateways, live shipping rate vendors, and your print management information system using our APIs. PrintSites2Go system has an extensive API for automating the transfer of data between the web storefront and your MIS system. Learn everything you need to know about this API and others in this course.

8. Front Desk Administration Specialist

Become a certified Front Desk Administrator. This course covers everything you need to know on learning how to manage clients, gathering information, handling client concerns, payments, invoicing, job modifications and communicating to clients using the PrintSites2Go system. This course covers general knowledge of our Site Administration Best Practices and Accounting and Invoice Fundamentals courses. Topics include: site introduction, account management, payment retrieval and processing, invoicing, job modification, client communication methods.


  • $16,000 tuition
  • $2000 course materials
  • $1000 course exam and certification

Each course consists two weeks of in-class lectures and tutorials, followed by a certification exam.

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